Blezoo is an extension of your marketing team and another creative brain you can tap into for promotional products and apparel. On occasion, you literally need a helping hand to put all of the pieces together and that’s where Blezoo Fulfillment comes in. 

What is Blezoo Fulfillment?

We define fulfillment as: The process of receiving, packaging, and shipping orders for goods.

While this definition is very basic the actual process of fulfillment is quite detailed, complex, and comes with an associated cost.

What does your Blezoo Fulfillment include?

  • Documenting the critical path steps for your project
  • Calculating time for those steps and creating a quote
  • Sending an internal PO to our team booking time for the project
  • Allocating space for the fulfillment to take place
  • Assigning Human Resources for the project
  • Tracking & receiving boxes related to your fulfillment
  • Storing the boxes in our office until the entire project contents has arrived
  • Unpacking the boxes and organizing the different components separately
  • Ensuring stock of office supplies needed to finish the project
  • Setting up a workflow to efficiently execute
  • ACTUAL FULFILLMENT THE WAY MOST PEOPLE THINK ABOUT IT (example: putting together a box, stuffing it with crinkly paper, placing the power bank with a glue dotted print piece, positioning the ear buds above it)
  • Taping the boxes shut
  • Reviewing the list you’ve sent us
  • Printing and adhering labels to boxes
  • Transferring the boxes to the shipping company
  • Tracking boxes & ensuring they all arrive safely

Now, even this exhaustive list is super basic because there are many sub-steps within these steps. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that involves multiple employees to ensure that your project is done right. Our job is to take care of the storm behind the curtains so that you can enjoy your popcorn during intermission.

Psh. I can do that myself.

You might be thinking, “We can do this in-house next time!” and, honestly, maybe you can. Some companies have the space and the resources. 


I always think back to a client, whom we’ll call Jill. The first time she decided to fulfill a project she called us halfway through and said, “I will pay whatever it takes for you all to come pick up these boxes and handle it for us. Our office is a mess, everyone is irritated because they’ve had to chip in to pack these boxes because we’re up against a tight timeline, and it is truly costing us more than any amount of money we thought we’d save”. 

Needless to say, Jill became a believer in the value of having a Blezoo handle a project end-to-end.

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