Baby registries are big business, and the battle for the baby is a close one between Amazon and Target. Both retailers take similar approaches when wooing customers … offering perks like completion discounts which encourage registrants to buy up all remaining items on the list at a savings of 15 percent.

So with the transactional details locked in for both, how is one supposed to stand out?

This is where social engagement and promotions come in. In a clever and unexpected move, Target propels their brand forward with one small gesture: they send registrants a Target-branded onesie for their baby’s first “Target run” … encouraging them to snap a picture of their tot and share it to social media.

This small and inexpensive promotion is an all-around win for the retailer. 1. It encourages a shopping trip. 2. It tugs at the emotions of new parents–who are likely looking for any reason to take another picture of their kid. 3. And, most importantly for the brand, it creates ongoing user-generated content.

We think this promotion hit the bulls-eye!

P.S. Hey, Amazon, if you’re reading this, call us! We can help!