If you follow us on social media or engage with us often, you may already know that 2018 is a big year for Blezoo. We are officially 10 years old!

Not only did we ring in the year with a complete overhaul of our brand identity, but we also put pen to paper and defined our company’s Core Values.

We always had general philosophies that guided our company, but we knew building on those and formalizing them would do wonders for reinforcing them day-to-day.

Most any leader will tell you that a key to success in this area is employee buy-in. And there’s no better way to get buy-in than writing those values together; so that’s exactly what we did.

If we’re doing it right, you’ll recognize the qualities below when you interact with our team day-to-day. To keep ourselves in check, we even give “kudos” every Monday for team members who do something that reflects on those Core Values—now that’s commitment!

Blezoo’s Core Values:


We believe that successful collaboration is an individual commitment to the group effort. We celebrate collaboration by making ourselves accessible to one another and by choosing every day to be brave enough to ask for and give help.


We create a productive environment by choosing to openly *GIVE and ACCEPT* honest feedback. The trust we have in each other allows us to have valuable interactions grounded in positive intent.


We proactively reach beyond our collective goals by individually vowing to remain focused, accountable and ethical at all times.


We know that every challenge is an opportunity in disguise. This is why we can charge on with a positive spirit not only in moments of glory, but also in the face of adversity. ‘Delight’ is in the heart of our brand promise and it shines through with every interaction.