During a recent interview, Grateful Dead photographer Jay Blakesberg remarked that he’s “only as good as his last photograph.” I thought it was an interesting perspective from an artist because I generally view art as a collection and don’t think I would discount someone’s talent based on one photograph.

Blakesberg is definitely onto something though. When we think about interactions with those we do business with, we probably don’t think about the nine times we had great service if the last one was awful. But, it’s not our fault. Recency bias is a strong cognitive bias that puts more weight on the latest information than the data before it.

So what does that mean for business? At Blezoo, we operate in a mindset of delighting customers. To do that requires that we’re always as good as our last interaction—leaving little room for error.

Of course, sometimes mistakes happen and—worse—sometimes they are out of our control. But, if you always consider that the current customer interaction might be your last, the odds of delight are exponential.