Whether you are traveling abroad for pleasure or road tripping the USA on business it’s important to know some of these key hacks that we’ve compiled for you!

1) Scan important travel documents and save them in your Dropbox account. You’ll be able to access copies if you lose any of them.
2) Bring power banks with you so your smart phone will stay powered. You’ll never need back-up power until you absolutely need it.
3) Memorize a credit card that you don’t bring with you. You can purchase transportation or lodging on the internet in case of emergency.
4) Save all of your key phone #s in Skype and maintain credits. You’ll be able to make urgent phone calls by accessing any computer or smart phone.
5) Schedule a tour as the first thing to do when you get to a new city. It’ll quickly get you acquainted with your surroundings so you can pivot your plans accordingly.
6) Bring cash & keep a portion on your body and another portion hidden in your suitcase. This reduces the chance of losing it all.
7) Carry your passport & credit cards in an RFID protected holder. Airports are hot spots for stealing information with proximity technology.
8) Have a white noise app on your phone to help you sleep. This can be a life saver when you have loud or unfamiliar environments.
9) Listen to a podcast about the place you are headed to while on your journey. Feel more connected when you arrive.
10) Keep a permanent travel toiletry bag & restock it when you come home. You’ll never need to scramble before your trip on gathering items or removing your house toiletries!

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BONUS: Promotional products you receive throughout the year (from your company or other brands) are items that you can use for some of these tips! Keep them handy.