You’re Rich (And You May Even Not Know It) !

Ironically, money isn’t what this post is about. It’s my manifesto about “IntroCoin”; the currency of connection. The value transferred by each and every Introduction that you give.

Introductions to people.

Introductions to ideas.

Introductions to brands.

IntroCoin will always be more valuable than money, and it’s FREE to give out. Think about that for a second – you possess something more valuable than money, it’s free to distribute, yet many people don’t bother giving it out.

These are individuals too self absorbed in their own world to contribute to the connection economy. The same people who put their head down all day instead of noticing the abundance of opportunities to spread generosity into the system.

So why am I “all in” on this currency of connection?

I truly believe that a central reason I’ve been able to build my business is because of this principle: At every 1-to-1, by the end of the meeting, I will have one idea & one introduction for the other person.

1 Idea.

1 Introduction.

Every single meeting.

Full disclosure, every IntroCoin I give out isn’t a magical golden egg. However, this principle is highly effective because it forces me into the mindset of focusing on the other person throughout every interaction. In my experience, if this is your target then you occasionally have a chance to make a life changing introduction.

IntroCoin is a major currency for individuals who are building a brand & growing relationships.

So, what makes your IntroCoin more valuable?

– Value of your personal brand. Are you trusted? Do you have clout?


– Reach of your network. Do you have the attention of your network? Are you aware of all the resources available?

There are times that you may put your name on the line with introductions and it doesn’t go well. That’s okay though, it doesn’t mean that you should hoard your IntroCoin. The currency of connection is meant to be shared. Reasonable people accept the risks associated with new introductions because they realize the massive upside when you energize your network.

Now, do you realize how rich you are? And you didn’t even know it.

Go share your IntroCoin.