I’ve always said that no matter what you do every day or where you work you have two jobs:
#1) Solve problems

#2) Create opportunities

If you aren’t doing both of these things then you will never grow in your career. Every problem can lead to an opportunity and every opportunity may end up as a problem. Navigating this dynamic is everyone’s job.

Today’s work, alongside solving problems & creating opportunities, is being a manager of information flow. This is why “attention to detail” is a critical function for success whether it is in the promotional products industry, insurance industry, financial industry or anything else for that matter. Without attention to detail, you may be receiving a widget that is 5 millimeters instead of 5 inches, or you may be receiving 10,000 units instead of 1,000 units.

The common thread between solving problems, creating opportunities & having an attention to detail is: asking the right questions & listening carefully.

Follow this thread and you WILL do better work.