It’s ironic that in the age of DIY (“do it yourself”), hiring an expert has never been more important. A truly immersed professional’s work will often seem remarkable when compared to a hobbyist attempt. As the adage goes; If you think that a professional is too expensive, try hiring an amateur.

When it is an objective goal: an expert, by definition, will have seen common mistakes and knows how to circumnavigate them on the way to a clever solution. When there is a subjective goal: An expert’s instantaneous assessment can artfully take you into a completely different direction that you may have never imagined. Tip: Direction is more important than speed.

You aren’t paying for an hour of an expert’s time. You are paying for the years of their team’s experience + all the resources they bring to the table.

Stop thinking in terms of hourly rates. Start thinking in terms of value & cost savings.

Sure, you can go to YouTube if you’ve never changed out a hard drive before on a lap top – but that’s not something you need an expert for, right? That’s just a simple task that has a definitive end result. Well, unless you strip the screws, zap it unintentionally with static electricity & buy a new hard drive when you didn’t actually need one. Catch my drift?

Key Business Hack: Always hire an expert (company/person) who is inter-connected to you through your business circles on a professional level. The more connected you are to them, the more they will value their reputation and what their work means. If you become too price driven you are more likely to work with a vendor who isn’t in your network, and getting them to stand behind their work can become a frustrating experience.


Here are questions that an expert can answer:

1) Should you be targeting a different market?
2) Is this proposed method the best one for achieving your stated goal?
3) Is the timing right for this project?
4) Are there any other vendors you should be working with?
5) What’s a major speed bump ahead you may not be thinking about?
6) Should you even be hiring us?
7) What’s the best way for you to create brand awareness?

Any vendor with integrity would be willing to honestly answer all of these questions. So next time before you decide to go down the DIY rabbit hole, or hire someone’s high school-aged nephew, think about the true cost implications and hire a trusted expert.

Hire an Expert2