Here are our keys to growing your business consistently:

1. Work with the RIGHT clients.

Understand who you are built to serve and understand that you’re not a good fit for everyone. Work with customers who value what you do for them and do not treat you as just another vendor in a pack.

2. Become more HUMAN in your approach.

In the age of automation and templates, you will find that the universe will push you to be ‘more like everyone else’. In order to stand out you need to become more human and treat what you do like an art form.

3. Treat your colleagues like they are your BEST CLIENT.

Think about how well we treat our best clients. Imagine if you treated your colleagues the same way? I know, sounds like some sort of utopia but there is some merit to it. It’s called morale.


Imagine a product in a zip lock bag next to the same product in a beautiful gift box with a company logo engraved on the lid. Presentation matters, and this applies to everything. No, really, I do mean everything.

5. NETWORKING matters in every business.

Time is our most limited resource and networking helps us teach others how to connect the dots. It also gets us connected to the right people right when we need them (or they need us).

6. Have your own STANDARDS.

Minimum standards are for minimum results. Guess what it takes for outrageous results? That’s right: outrageous standards.


The only litmus test for greatness is if you can make your clients look great + feel great.