As we wrap up our 6th complete year of business we’ve been fortunate enough to consistently hit company milestones. I was recently asked “what is in Blezoo’s secret sauce?”.

What I can share is 3 of our fundamental pillars that many entrepreneurs can tap into:

1) The “WOW” is in the little things.
We love doing extreme marketing campaigns that cause clients & prospects to take notice, and some would think that this is the core of our approach. It’s not. “Blocking and tackling” is our core business; understanding the dynamics of our industry and paying close attention to detail in order to get a little better each day. We also put great value on the little things which make a big impact on positioning, such as: customer experience on our website, physical office, e-mail interactions & meetings. I often say that we are in the “attention to detail” business and this should apply to every aspect.

2) Make our clients look good & feel good.
Whether you are in a B2B or B2C industry, your client has a choice. Either way, there is a human on the other end, not a ‘company’ and not a ‘consumer’. You need to make them look good and feel good for having made the right choice. This comes down to 2 things: results & interactions. Providing them meaningful results & positive value-added interactions is the best way to create this infectious loop of looking good & feeling good.

3) Service. Service. Service.
Responsiveness and effectiveness are not the crux of service. Being proactive & preemptive is even more important. If you can anticipate your clients needs and make their job easier by putting in the extra effort this will go a long way. Any one can sit and wait for directions, but a proactive & superior service provider will act as if they are a motivated extension of the clients’ team.