You need to know who your ideal client is if you’re going to have an identity as an organization, as a marketer, as a sales person, as a business development manager, etc. Here’s a short list of of ways to know if you’re working with an ideal client:

  • You are excited & motivated to work with them on new projects.
  • Conversely, you don’t dread it when their email/call pops up.
  • All things considered, they are a profitable customer.
  • Your skills/offerings add value to them.
  • Your values & goals align with each other.
  • The client values you and doesn’t commoditize you.
  • The client is in a niche/space that is a good fit for your brand.
  • You are proud to work with this client.

So who is our ideal client? Well, if we’re providing promotional products for you right now – you’re it! We only work with clients who motivate us & have potential to be in a long-term symbiotic relationship with.