What’s your brand messaging during the holidays? Will you ring in the new year with your customers & colleagues feeling a sense of satisfaction for working with your company? One thing is for certain: your prospects (prospective customers & prospective employees) will be watching. Those that feel the love will tell others, so make sure your best intentions aren’t left out in the cold.

Here are a few ways to show the love (yes, not ALL roads lead to promotional products – just most!):

1) Mail a handwritten note. Let those that are responsible for aiding in your success know how much they mean to you. It can go a long way beyond because of the personal touch.

2) Drop off a thoughtful & useful holiday gift from your company. While a quality promotional product will be something they use all year long and think about you, we also think in some cases sending an un-imprinted product (yep, we just said that) with your logo on the packaging is also appropriate. That way they know who it’s from, it’s branded, but is also conveys that it is a genuine gift with no advertising strings attached.

3) When in doubt: people love food. Just make sure it’s fresh because a lot of the store bought in retail stores sits in warehouses, trucks and shelves for a while. Blezoo has a number of recommended 5 star factories for these kinds of promotions which we would advise using because they make-to-order (fresh). However, if there is a small business close by that makes fresh food gifts – we would always endorse using them!

4) A nice polo, jacket or sweatshirt with subtle, smart branding. This is great for internal promotions but also for external partners who are proud to work with your organization. After all, who doesn’t like new threads?