About a year ago we developed the concept of a ‘Welcome Kit’. It’s a way that we can reach out to new people we come into contact with and give them some high level information about the company. We might send these to: new clients, prospects and referral partners.

The welcome kit contains a promotional product (we’ve found that the pictured designer flexi-vases have been effective), a brochure along with a personal note. The point is to not overwhelm with information but give a taste of what Blezoo is all abut.

No matter what you do personally or professionally, this can be a powerful tool as a next-action follow-up.

Do you have a welcome kit? We can help you develop one as a new way to stay “top of mind” as you develop relationships with others.

Flexi-vases come in different colors, sizes, and price ranges. Click here to check them out!
Designer Flexi Vase