Rusty Typewriter in St. AugustineA picture is worth a thousand words..or at least it’s worth a blog post. I saw this typewriter at a store in St. Augustine, FL and it instantly inspired a topic:
What can this rusty old typewriter teach us about success?

(1) You have to be a self starter otherwise nothing will get going.
Everything begins with being proactive. To evolve into a successful business you need a self starter driving it and taking the necessary steps for your team’s growth.

(2) Stand out if you want to be noticed.
Be different. Be memorable. Be interesting (or at least interested). Or you will end up blending in with the crowd.

(3) An effective tool can have timeless applications.
Even the keyboard on the iPhone which took this picture has a keyboard based on the original typewriter keyboards. Look for tools that have killer applications that stand the test of time.

(4) Know what your assets are worth.
This typewriter was worth a lot and then it depreciated quickly as it became antiquated. Although someone could have thrown it away at one point, they held onto it and now it is an antique worth something (and an interesting store display prop for bloggers).

(5) Set up your sales team for success by keeping things simple.
Did you know that you can type “typewriter” without leaving the same row of keys? This was done intentionally so that the original salesmen of the first typewriters could quickly demonstrate typing without looking clumsy. “Typewriter” is also the longest word you can type in the English language while utilizing only one row.