Med Deli - Positive ExperienceI’ve only been to this Mediterranean Deli a few times, but it has risen to the top of my list of lunch locations quickly. The food is pretty good, the ambiance is okay, and the convenience of location is acceptable.

So, other than the “pretty good” food (which a LOT of place have) – what do they have?

A very positive customer experience!

The two employees up front greet everyone with enthusiasm as if they are long lost family walking in the door of their establishment for the first time. They THANK people for coming back to see them..every single time a repeat customer walks through the door. It seems genuine and you can’t help but leave the place with a smile. It’s the type of place you’d want to go if you are having a bad day in order to lift your spirits.

Wow, imagine if people were saying that about working with you and your company?

Now THAT is something to strive for – and it’s something we aim for at Blezoo. This is a great lesson about positive customer experience that this Mediterranean Deli can teach you about your customer service, your promotions, your marketing and your presentations. Have people leave your presence with a smile. Have people gravitating back to you because of the positive interactions that have been memorable for them!