Recently, a new client was relieved when I said, “I’ll spare you the details, I’ll just get it done before we get the order going”. They replied, “We love to hear that” and implied that they’ve had issues and excuses in the past with vendors.

What they needed done was not a complex request but it required a complex answer. In our field of advertising specialties we certainly have an obligation to educate – it’s part of our job, but at the end of the day our clients have enough to worry about with their businesses and don’t need the minutia. They just want to make sure you’re “getting it done” when you say you are going to, for the price agreed upon and at the quality they expect.

This holds true for when unexpected delivery challenges occur, too. As a valued vendor, it’s our job to make it right. No one wants to hear a long-winded story about rogue sub-contractors, bad weather and technical details. They just want to hear what you are doing about “getting it done”.

So here’s to those out there getting it done: the Captain Sully, Winston Wolfe, and Seal Team 6’s of the world, Thank you!

[Blezoo LLC is an Orlando promotional products distributor located in College Park]