I love this Kayak commercial because it perfectly illustrates the advantages of using technology, experts and other resources to help you get to where you want to go. One guy looks very smart while the other looks quite foolish. The answer is obvious who you’d rather be.

I think it also mirrors the advantages of using a Marketing Expert.

Example: Recently, we’ve implemented a variety of marketing campaigns that involve utilizing QR codes on promotional products to drive web traffic (offline/online synergy). These ideas are value-added to the sale of the product + cost nothing in addition to what you would have paid online. If you were a Business Owner or Marketing Director browsing a website looking for promotional products you are only faced with a flea market of products but not given any additional value-added ideas into the realm of ‘what else is possible’.

The Take Away:
Do It Yourself when you want to learn how to build a tent, assemble a model airplane, or change the oil in you car.
Use An Expert when your marketing team needs a new promotional product, promotional strategy….or, looking to book a vacation.