This week we’d like to highlight the case study for a ‘2-color Mug’ project that Blezoo’s Kiera Perrino worked on for Xcellimark. This highlights the importance of product sourcing agility to solve those last minute challenges to deliver!

Product: 2-color imprint Mug
Challenge: After proof approval, the factory was going into production on the mugs when they contacted Kiera to let her know that the 2nd color in Xcellimark’s logo was not going to imprint properly. They suggested we convert to a 1-color logo.
Solution: In order to maintain Xcellimark’s brand integrity, Kiera contacted another 5-star factory in Florida. By staying within the state she kept the client’s shipping costs low and was able to find a mug the client liked even better. They flawlessly imprinted the 2-color logo and delivered the mug within 4 days..which was 1 day earlier than anticipated. Whew!

Mark Hughs, from Xcellimark, said, “We are so happy how the mugs turned out. We’re glad that Kiera did not settle with the first factory’s recommendation, rather she moved mountains in order for our mugs to exceed our color expectations, stay within budget and still be delivered on time.”

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