In this blog edition we want to touch on what you as a novice or superstar marketer can learn from Apple about your ROI (Return On Investment).

Here are four things that can be applied to any brand or business that will deliver ROI:


From the functionality of the operating system to how their devices look – Apple makes sure that they make good looking stuff that is easy to use. This is a perfect marriage between functionality and presentation. If showing up is 80% of it, then presentation is probably the other 20%.
Where can I apply this? Website, packaging, social media, marketing brochures, logo design, promotional products, office aesthetics, vehicle wraps, attire, business cards
Tip: Don’t cut any corners on design. Often you get what you pay for in an exponential way.
How does this apply to ROI? We have found that you can hire an agency for a specific design and pay twice as much as a freelancer but get ten times the value in positioning your brand. THAT is true design ROI.


Go into any Apple store, they have tons of devices you can sit around and play with all day & a legion of knowledgeable, friendly employees ready to help. They also have a Genius Bar that will fix any issue. Have you ever called Apple customer service? It is about the most efficient & effective around.

Where can I apply this? Customer. Service.
Tip: Solicit important information from clients to try and figure how you can make your company more customer-focused.
How does this apply to ROI? Retain customers and turn them into loyal brand evangelists by delivering a customer-focused experience that they want to talk about.


You can take the specifications of any Apple computer or mp3 player and definitely find another brand that is significantly cheaper. Apple understands that they are pricing to the perceived value and not trying to compete on price.

Where can I apply this? Price to the level of service that you provide customers and understand that there will always be . They don’t do what you do.
Tip: Don’t be the cheapest one out there. There’s only one of those still in business.
How does this apply to ROI? If your margins are 30% and you are always giving 10% off, then you will need to work with 50% more clients to get the same profit as before if you would have maintained your margin. Find clients who value what you do and understand that your business is an investment.


Apple has a product line that is very straight forward and it updates their models maybe once a year. This way they can focus their R&D efforts and deliver targeted marketing campaigns.

Where can I apply this? The niche get rich. Focus on what you want to sell.
Tip: If you are trying to be everything to everyone you will probably end up being nothing (special) to no one.
How does this apply to ROI? By finding the product line that produces the best results and leaning on it you will eliminate a lot of wasted dollars.

Steve Jobs — “Pretty much, Apple and Dell are the only ones in this industry making money. They make it by being Wal-Mart. We make it by innovation.”