Being memorable is king in the constant competition for attention in 2010. Whether it is your advertisements, resume or actual self – be interesting, be memorable and always understand the context of your platform. Knowing the context, however, does not always mean conforming to the context. I remember going to several seminars about Franchising and finding out that one of the most successful Franchise selling platforms was at a trade show that had nothing to do with Franchising. Why? Because they were the only business opportunity at the whole show. They understood the context, stepped outside of the proverbial bounds of whatever product or services everyone else was selling, and communicated properly to the attendants on a NEW opportunity for them.

We love it when clients like to step outside of the traditional and ask for something unique. That is when our job at Blezoo becomes even more fun (almost into the realm of so fun it is illegal). This past week we were researching some ‘out of the box’ ideas and found some inspiration from the following clever ads. We hope you also enjoy them!