You will always have the propensity to succeed if you focus on Positivity. Why? Because positivity keeps your fire burning, your motor running and your juices flowing. At least it does for me! After all, who gets the job done? The person who grunts and mumbles slouched over their desk trying to run the clock out in the day? OR the person who enthusiastically knocks out their task list and then helps teammates? It’s pretty evident which direction those 2 personalities are going within your organization.

Below are my 4 keys to a positive attitude that I live by daily:

1. Be enthusiastic & humorous. Sure, there are situations that dictate a more stoic demeanor, but a little bit of humor and a lot of enthusiasm can get you through any day. Enthusiasm = Energy. You don’t have to be a budding infomercial star to show enthusiasm. Just show that you love what you do – and if you don’t? Then go FIND what you love to do.

2. Learn to love being a fish out of water. If you get complacent then the smallest changes will make you uncomfortable. You have to accept that change is ever-present and learn to adapt to it. Find the most productive job-related activity you are least comfortable doing and go DO IT. Are you an e-mailer? Make more phone calls. Do you lack energy? Become a runner. By loving to be a fish out of water you can tackle anything, anywhere in any context. Revel in change while others dig deep in the well for excuses for under-performing.

3. Get rid of the negativity. Let’s face it, the root of all negativity is: people. There are some negative people that you can choose to minimize in your life and there are others who you must interact with. If you can become a counter-weight to all of the negativity around you then it will serve as a beacon of hope. Remember, you can still agree with negative people and their end game to the situation! The whole key to positivity is how you react.

4. Be grateful. This gets overlooked because we are so busy in business chasing that which we desire. It takes a long time for us to get around to looking and admiring what has been accomplished. Take a second, smell the roses and be grateful for all that you have personally and professionally. This will undoubtedly put things into perspective and allow us to cycle it back into renewable energy for the POSITIVE path forward.

A quote that sums this all up: “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” — Dr. Wayne Dyer.