A few days ago at the Post Office (USPS) I found a tote bag stuffed into my PO Box. I couldn’t figure out how it got there until I realized that I probably forgot it earlier in the week when I was sending mailers. This insignificant event elevated the USPS in my mind. How? They took the time to figure out who I was, if I had a PO Box there, and returned this $2 tote bag which I wouldn’t have noticed was missing otherwise.

It’s the little things that we remember.

There are lots of satellite parking options near the Orlando airport. They all are about the same distance, have similar shuttle service and are all reasonably priced. I’ve had a few people mention to me that they go to the Parking Spot and they always note the same thing: “They give you free bottled water”. Not a mention about price, service or convenience, only about the free bottle of water you get after you pay up. That’s all it takes to get people talking about you?

A little thing can go a long way.

Recently I had a client write in an email: “You make life easy for me [as a Marketing Manager]. We’re your client for life.”. Do you think it is because our promotional products were good quality or that delivery times were prompt? Probably not. They cited the value-added expertise & customer experience when working with Blezoo as opposed to other promotional products “order takers”.

Lots of little things add up to a lot of loyalty.

People don’t talk about companies when they simply meet the minimum standards. They talk about them when they take the extra steps to exceed those standards in some memorable & impressionable ways. In marketing – be memorable or be forgotten.

What are you doing to make yourself/your company/your brand memorable?