This week Blezoo has begun using the iPad at our presentations & meetings. At first we thought it’d be a simple process but with all of the options available it actually has become a complicated process of narrowing down the most effective presentation techniques. There are way too many apps and ways (e-mail, pictures, web-based) that you could use to review products. Here is why we decided to make the leap:

1. It’s greener, and today is Earth Day!
2. Would you rather lug 30 catalogs to a meeting or have all of the info & pics into an iPad?
3. You can lay it flat on a table and both view items on the vivid screen.
4. GoodReader app allows you to drag and drop folders onto the iPad through WiFi. No more extra work to get presentations ready.
5. There is a VGA converter, so you can use it to run presentations on big screen or projectors.
6. You can render mock-ups and use KeyNote to present them with notes.
7. Swiping across a touchscreen is just a lot cooler than clicking keys.
8. We can access our Web-based back-end, and 1-click email clients new products they like.
9. You can use an app to turn it into a second screen (think of the possibilities).
10. In an industry with very little differentiation we can’t afford NOT to be a step ahead.

If you have any ideas on new and unique ways to utilize this platform for presentations we’d love to hear it!