Personality Page Pics

Name: Constantine Caravelis

Nickname: Dean (yes, it’s a nickname!)

What are your super powers? I have an atomic internal clock & I guess ages within 1 year with crazy consistency.

Favorite place you’ve visited?  Although they are way different, it’s a tie between Tokyo, Japan & Santorini, Greece.

Place that you want to visit but haven’t? South Africa

What’s the 1 thing you’ve waited in line the longest for? 13 hours in line to give blood after a tragedy in Orlando

Do you have a favorite season? I love something about each of them. If I had to pick: Winter in Florida wins.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Chocolate

If you could go back in time to any era, which would it be? 1961 so I could see what the USA was like when my dad arrived from Europe

Longest road trip you’ve ever taken? Las Vegas to Orlando (non-stop) with a friend. True story.

Volunteer work you are most proud of? I’ve done a lot of volunteer work but I am most proud of my wife’s volunteer work: tutoring at-risk elementary school kids for the last nine years on Saturdays.

If you could eat the same thing for lunch every day what would it be? Thai food! Any and all of it.

Favorite thing about Blezoo? Our amazing team & customers both energize me to be excited about work every day.